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getmail netshoes

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Mar 22, By Teodor Dima. Very good app. I would like to have the possibility to delete messages, for 1 hour after they were sent, like in Whats App. This would be very usefull. Jul 23, By Florin Bogdan Andrei. Steering wheel position - right side or left side. Would make the search for a new car so much faster and easier. Hope this suggestions would be noticed and implemented in the next update. Jan 1, By Tudor Barbu. They app changed for the better, but the main problem right now is that every time you change a filter if you want to look for a specific car brand, for example , almost all the other filters reset - the currency, the mileage, the engine capacity etc.

The app could also do with a function to exclude certain words. I would say that I have a decent experience right now, and the missing filter problem could be easily fixed, considering it's more of a glitch rather than a missing feature. Apr 25, By Andrei. I like the design especially the new dark mode but I just noticed something that wasn't present in the older version: whenever I search for something, the price displayed on the results is in euros.

Could be useful sometimes but it'd be nice to be able to select a default currency if I select RON, it gets overwritten after a new search and apply it automatically. This app targets Romania so defaulting to euro makes little sense to me Nov 23, By Dan Pavel. Saved search is pretty messed up. For example I see 2 new items, I go into the category, I visualize those 2 new items.

When i go back to saved searches, now i have 64 new items but those items are not new. If i go back an forth I get different number of new items each time. Feb 10, By Marian Mihalache. Everything ok, fast and resonable. Fees for promotions are a bit high in my opinion Jul 3, By Bradi Rares.

A fresh start gone bad. This application feels more heavy than before not necessarily in the UI sense. Going to my account, viewing my ads, searching is slower than before. I se the UI animation but no response. It is the same phone as with the old version. Some features are missing from here like resetting the statistics while some never got the correct implementation. For example listing an ad make it go for approval. I receive the email that it is approved but the app does not indicate so.

By Popescu mihai valentin. Design wise the app is fine 2 major issues regarding functionality - this latest version has lost the option for "search in description" which was vital, as many users list "bicycle" in the add title, or "camera" for ex. I've noticed a significant drop. In search result numbers because of this missing feature - the previous version had a counter when you scrolled through the ads, which is now missing.

May 30, By Dinu Catalin Liviu. Listings showing items more than once, filtering doesn't work all the times, filter criterias does not stick and get reset when interacting with the filter screen. Would be nice if Explore tab listings could be focused on a specific area or town Auto listings should be enforced to have the mileage specified, ads should not go live without this information. Application hasn't come with an improvement in a while now Apr 19, By Radu Stancu.

Dear team. After the update, on a Samsung s5e tablet, the scroll has issues, meaning after I scroll through the ads for pages, the app brings me back to the first page all of a sudden. This happens almost all of the time, being very annoying. Also, as a tip, please add the back button in the pictures on the bottom of the page. Sep 5, By Mihai Marinescu. The app is not bad, a lot of filtering possibilities are missing but it's palatable. The problem is that it feels buggy, like you filter for cars and you get a cartload of vans.

I understand that cheaters are posting in the wrong category on purpose but, after more than a dozen submitted reports, one would expect some sort of improvment and it is not showing any. Dec 18, By Alex A. The new design is awful. It looks like a cheap children targeted social media app. It loads slower than old app. Sorting does not work every time. It always default to euro instead of local currrency and does not works to change most of the time more.

Jan 28, Too expensive, can't add one ad without paying for it in some categories. But it has been there for one year and paid promotion every month, getting over 3k views and a lot of people added it to favorites.

Now it's gone. OLX became too greedy. By andra popescu. Very bad user experience since the latest version launched. It seems like nothing works and it crashes so frequently that it becomes unusable. The search is utterly pointless, and it adds so many unneccessary steps, plus, it sometimes freezes the entire app, or simply does not search for what you told it to search. The adds don't display properly, and you end up having the same picture for different adds at the same time.

Really really bad job more. May 27, By Horia Muntean. This was not an upgrade, it is the worst downgrade possible. Nothing actually works as it should: searches, filters, all is very bad. Besides this, the app is crashing and the same error message is shown no matter how many times you close or open the app. Plus the design, which is horrible. Some really troubled guy designed the new app Apr 29, By Mihai Creteanu. Rubish update! If you changed the entire design of the app at least you should fix all the problems that you can see in the latest reviews from users.

At least you can show interest for the users and respond to all the issues. After this update I often noticed that "Send" button for messages just disappears and I can't send any messages. I need to have my laptop close by so I can go to the desktop website in order to use the messages area. Stupid management and useles developers and app testers. Shpock Second hand marketplace to buy and sell Shpock - finderly Shopping.

From fashion and clothes, to electronics and tech. Shpock is great for treasure finds as it has many flea-market deals. Community If you need to purchase used Christmas sweaters, you could consider browsing through the list available on this marketplace. Not a bad way to save on holiday shopping.

Quick and easy selling Oct 16, By SST I really enjoy how easy and fast I can sell my stuff on Shpock. The process of putting an item online is super clean. Great app!! Jan 7, By Franco Castillo. Very easy to use. It would be nice if we could filter sold items while search. Thanks Shpock team!! International Craigslist, but safer! Sep 22, By daynepoo. So awesome. The process is so easy to buy and you have much more security with this system.

I love how it has international coverage and it automatically pulls from the entire database worldwide. Good Sep 7, By clarsik. Very nice and helpful cos I got my needs on here and the meet up really nice Good people and scam free. Amazing app Jul 26, By Yazinlondon. I love this app! Good prices, and decent furniture etc.

I have been able to furnish my whole room via this app. From a sofa to a dresser to everything in between. Great app if you want to sell things fast Apr 30, I've sold a few things in this app and I can't complain. Easier to navigate than eBay classifieds and focuses more on the product by giving a better user experience. Little inconveniences here and there but I'm sure in future updates that they will be resolved. Great App!!

Dec 15, By Cody This is a really good app for selling stuff you don't need or want anymore and for buying stuff a lot more cheap than any stores. Electronics prices, like video game consoles and cell phones are definitely way more cheap than any store.

I suggest anyone to download this app! Come check out my stuff I'm selling on here too! All real cheap! Three apps in one. Mar 23, By Texas. When I say three apps in one, it's like craigslist, in a visual Pinterest format, with eBay qualities and abilities.

Scam Jul 19, By Junaki Panda. This app is easy to use, looks really clean and all but there are so many scams. People keep making offers but refuse to keep the chat on the sight. Scammers May 9, By Scarlandianas. I have recently started selling stuff on this site and I came across this buyer who said they would like me to ship the item to their address in Ireland. And I did, and I got scammed. Right after I told her I shipped the item and gave her the tracking number, she stopped talking to me.

I have contacted Shpock and am waiting for a reply. I knew about some sellers being scammers but I would have never expected that from a buyer. Now I have no money and no phone to sell. Annoying Feb 25, By squidmilk Shpock has always been so freaking annoying to use. It is incredibly difficult to edit or even delete your ad sometimes because the options are simply not displayed.

In the app and website you are very limited to what you can do. Incomplete Feb 24, By ronrussell There is no function for deleting. There is no function for messages between parties. There is no function for shipping. Good Jul 28, By Ireneloh. See All Community Reviews. By marces john. Global Electronics Limited Apr 29, By Leonn Mar 30, By Edhererovieno Abugo. Brilliant app! Useful when you need quality items at affordable prices! I just bought a a bunch of items for a kitten I am picking up soon.

I was so pleased with the condition. Practically brand new! I got a few other items for free too! Here in Washington DC Oct 25, By steeliowy. I see a lot of potential in this app. But there are a lot of scammers on this app right now here in Washington DC at least.

Some glitches Jul 19, By CCmaio. This appears to be a great selling site, if only I could figure out how to reply to a potential customer. There is nothing under the News tab that allows me to see their comment or allow me to respond.

Their response only shows on my email account, which brings me to another issue As with other app selling sites there are scammers. I am certain this person is because they left a foreign number wanting me to call them directly Not happening! Good app for spring cleaning Mar 30, By Megamac in London. Was able to sell a couple of unwanted items. Unfortunately you have to put up with loads of people who send in ridiculous offers. It would be offer items without the option of offers, like buy-it-now on eBay.

Easy to use, hope it catches on Jun 15, By Cfh Reminds me of offerup in the US. I can't figure out how to post my ads in the 'young designers' category, and I think there should be an optional space for you to write a little about yourself in your profile so people feel like they know you a bit better and can trust you : more. Great App Jan 4, By bamagirl I really like this app. It could be better though. Postage needs to be added along with a button to click on to take you to PP to pay for your items.

The conversation area needs a reply button to questions to make it neater and easier to keep up with conversations. Other than that no complaints. Mar 6, By Benjamin Antcliff. Great way to sell old stuff, however doesn't let you add links in description of items. Very annoying if you want to link to specs of a Laptop. Edit: The most annoying part is it lets you paste them in, you can press save. But it'll auto delete it from your post without warning.

Dec 6, By Inz JustaNosyNerd. App generally good. But when watching lists get long, it becomes unmanageable. If you scroll many pages down then click on an item, then go back to the list, instead of staying where you paused, it goes back to the top, and you have to start the scrolling all over again. Also if the list is long mine is as I'm looking for a few different articles then it would be really practical if you could filter the categories within your list, such as trainers, costs etc like on eBay more.

Jan 29, Something is off.. I use the app for a good while but now I think there's a glitch and I can't list anything. I add the pictures, select category and delivery option and when I choose the delivery type it deletes the pictures I loaded and the category. All this, over and over again. Developers, possible to have a look to see what is happening? Mar 17, By Stuart Macdonald. Edit update I've gone up a star. First reason quick removal of false review.

And second there is now a collection only option without messing with distance bar. NOT user friendly May 29, By I am selling an item and neither me nor the buyer can see any way to process payment, nor can I find ANY option to contact customer support except through a third party company that takes days to respond. Just use OfferUp or letgo, neither of them are perfect but at least you can reach someone when you have issues. What a joke! Do NOT use this company!

Jan 27, By EnikoEni. Horrible to shop! They allow to sell fake items and people who try to scam you! They toke a fee just to send the bag back and i had to pay myself for the dispatch!! Waste of time and money!! I do not recommend this app and i will definitely delete it! Stop they finna take it yo money Nov 3, By chase hudston. Hope this helps more.

Scammer Alert Sep 26, By truthnan To many scams Aug 30, By kaylee I tried to sell some stuff on here but everyone that messaged me was trying to scam me. So I deleted it. A few days later I get an email saying I sold an item to one of the people that tried to scam me. Similar to Shpock Second hand marketplace to buy and sell.

A very excellent app May 21, By Alal4u. This is a very excellent at it can keep all of turkey in your hand with the best prices in comparison, the only thing I wish for you to approve other language like the English language as well as the Arabic language. Nov 5, By A Google user. New version appeared with English language option which makes it double useful to search conveniently. The only problem is with images that seems very lazy to show up.

Thanks anyway for a very well-organized app. Great App Apr 22, By Adam E This app is great for used cars and everything. Much better than American Craigslist and all other apps. Amazing App! Apr 7, By Bassem's Review. Thanks to the developer who created this app, it helps a lot to find what I am looking for. Oct 29, By barlas tasdemir.

English Language Aug 9, By Alex iq. Can you please make a English version of the app. Good work guys. Saman Sep 9, By amiri. I was looking for a flat in Istanbul, it was so useful for me , because i was in iran and only by using this app I could find my favorite. Complain Jun 24, By Khalid E D. My application is in English But the description mostly in Turkish!!!!

So what is is benefits???? Language problem May 7, All advertisements are in Turkish language, the app needs to provide multi-language service.. Nov 26, By Dee B. It is a very helpful app to find jobs, houses, services or place your own ads. It also offers an English version but it would be nice if it translated everything to English and not just some. Feb 4, Although it is in English, it does not ask questions at the beginning of the program and does not give you the right to choose the language.

By Lana Falcon. Why you cannot make English version of this app? At least there is no option to switch to English from the start page! App is not working on iPhone 12 Pro Jul 16, Follow the steps bellow to configure:. If in the future you want to uninstall RetroPie, you can do it just selecting the option Uninstall RetroPie in the main menu. Hi, in this post we will install Docker on Raspberry Pi and Portainer to manage our container using any web browser from another computer.

You can check check the container running just typing docker ps on the command line. To access Portainer, use any browser like Chrome or Firefox and type your Raspberry IP address and use port , in my case http In your first access, configure your username and your password and click on Create User :.

In the next screen, choose the Local option and click on Connect :. Based in this configuration, we will do cool thing to automate your house using on the future the Home Assistant as Docker Container. SSH aims to facilitate the access of your system command line from another computer. In my case, I use a MacBook, and I configure my Raspberry Pi without need any device plugged on it, only the power adapter. Just type the command ssh pi You can check here how you can install and use it.

The software is available to all operacional systems. With the SD card plugged on Raspberry Pi, turn it on. The Raspberry Pi OS will start to be configured. In the first configuration step, set your Country , Language , and Timezone , then click Next. Connect to your WiFi network by selecting its name, entering the password, and clicking Next. Click Next let the wizard check for updates to Raspberry OS and install them this might take a little while.

Click on Restart. Martin Uncle Bob. For all these questions and more, these architecture provides us a layer way to fallow that turns the core layer Enterprise Businesses Rules from the external layers like Frameworks and Drivers. No, there is no rules that says you aways will have 4 layers.

You may find that you need more than these 4 layers, and you can implement, but you have to keep the layer dependence where the external layers has the dependence of the internals layers. Use the Clean Architecture may help you with a dependence pattern to implement your project, your tests and make changes on your project more easily beyond keep your project structure and code more clean.

In the next Clean Architecture article, I will show you how can you implement a project using all the layers that these architecture provide us, but you can find a done project mine here. For the comments, I would like to know if you use the Clean Architecture or if will you start to search to implement on your project? See you next time! For this problem, I present you the Project Lombok that help us to clean our code and give us annotations that removes the necessity of create methods like getters, setters, constructors, hash, equals, etc.

Here we can see, a file with 65 lines was reduced to 14 lines. To use Lombok in your project, you will need to configure your IDE and add a dependency in your pom. All Lombok annotations, you can find here. I really like Project Lombok and I think that it will be incorporated in a future Java version.

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Ssh client winscp download I absolutely love this app. Oct 20, This happens almost all of the time, being very annoying. Getmail netshoes marces john. Feb 3, I can't figure out how to post my ads in the 'young designers' category, and I think there should be an optional space for you to write a little about yourself in your profile so people feel like they know you a bit better and can trust you : more. Not working last update May 30,
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Getmail netshoes The App start to ask me since two weeks to install other olx app for bahrain other than olx arabia do you hve the name of getmail netshoes new app? I really enjoy the dynamic and easy to use software. The app is slow and unrelaible when uploading pictures. By Yazinlondon. Great App Jan 4,
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