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Cyberduck . Cyberduck is a libre server and cloud storage browser for Mac and Windows. With an easy-to-use interface, connect to servers, enterprise. Generic connection profiles for third party providers. Authentication with signature version AWS4-HMAC-SHA Download S3 (HTTP) connection profile for. Connection profiles .cyberduckprofile) describe specific connection settings for a hosting provider to make it easier to setup a connection to your. CONNECTION FREEBOX FILEZILLA - по пятницу с 09:00 до 21:00, суббота с 9:00 до 18:00. Курьерская служба линия Отдел с пн. - по пятницу с с пн с 9:00. Курьерская служба АЛП - с пн.

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Skip to content. CyVerse Learning Home. Manage Your Data. Moving Data. Run Analyses. Analyze Images. Science Tutorials. Download the CyVerse connection profile Double-click on the downloaded file to open the installed Cyberduck software. In the Cyberduck configuration window, enter your CyVerse username in the field 'iPlant username'. Close this window - your entries will be automatically saved. We provide you the precise details, easy navigation and advance searching.

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Select check box for Always use this app to open. In the programs list , click Cyberduck Cyberduck program Or other appropriate program that you want. Confirm Change for all A message will appear " This change will be applied to all files with. Cyberduck extension. By clicking Continue you confirm your selection ", click Contine to apply changes.

About Licensing Free Trial This software are often used for an attempt period, like 14 days, before requiring payment.

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I also like the logo for Cyberduck, even if that doesn't mean much. I do like it and it's a joy to open the program because of the visual duck. Company Size: employees. Cyberduck is a full featured FTP software. Easily transfer large files or file structures with professional level oversight of the process.

Access servers and webpages for managing your online properties. And its free! Meaning some windows that appear like a finder window to navigate files. This one is more "old school" FTP, which I happen to prefer. Cyberduck has not removed saved bookmarks when upgrading like I have had issues with other FTP programs. Lars from WDR. Company Size: 1,, employees.

Industry: Media Production. Time Used: Less than 2 years. Leider brischt bei mir manchmal grundlos die Verbindung ab, und es hilft nur ein Neustart. Leider konnte ich das Problem bislang noch nicht beheben. Ansonsten ist das Programm sehr intuitiv zu bedienen, wenn man andere FTP-Programm kennt, erst recht. Aivar from HeedYou. Industry: Marketing and Advertising. For me, it is an irreplaceable dev-ops tool. Helps me to configure and administer remote servers, upload files, and review logs.

Remote editing - it is the best at editing the config files and reviewing logs on a server. Sublime text makes a great combo here. Drag and drop file uploading and downloading. Amazingly, feels even more solid than the native Mac file explorer!

Could be smarter at deleting or moving folders - as is, it does it by going through each file, which can be very slow, instead of using Linux commands such as rm, mv, etc. Eats up way too much RAM. An SFTP client shouldn't need 0.

It is more stable, easier to use, and, generally, better in every way. Industry: Civil Engineering. Cyberduck is my file transfer go-to. It gets the job done in the least amount of time and with the fewest number of problems. Cyber Duck is fast, reliable and easy to set up. It guides you through the process of making your connection, whether through standard FTP or secure socket. It provide ample feedback on progress and shows results clearly.

I have found nothing negative. I found the frequent FileZilla updates to be hurdles to the process of using the software. I also found connecting to a server could be difficult at times. Courtney from Corkboards Handcraft. Industry: Arts and Crafts. Easy to use, typically quick uploads, and an amusingly cute brand logo. Free program that allows easy FTP uploads to existing server access. Easy to work with large or small files. Speeds are occasionally slow, likely tied to my personal available bandwidth.

On occasion file errors out during upload and needs to be restarted. Chris from TVSquared. Time Used: Less than 12 months. It's been a huge timesaver. In my position, I have to upload dozens of files per week and having Cyberduck open all the time makes it super easy.

Highly recommend if you are uploading a lot of files. Ease of use. Literally 3 clicks and I am in the right bucket and ready to upload files. From there you drag and drop the file in. It's that easy. There is a learning curve. They do not hold your hand with it. Torikul from NockScript. Industry: Internet. My overall experience is good, I've used Cyberduck for my project purpose.

The FTP was helpful software for me so far, highly recommended. File uploads, copy and paste, management moving everything looks simple with Cyberduck. Such a great software that was so helpful for me. There is a speed problem I've noticed, big files take too long time for downloads. As well as I've faced few problems with synchronizing.

I think this software need to improve the user experience a bit. Natalie from Cato Institute. Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management. Perfect for large files that you need to create CDN links for. I like that you can drop in any media file and cyberduck will turn it right in to a CDN link that you can copy and paste in to the back end of website. It is the home to all of our large files that we need to turn in to CDN links. Cyberduck can take awhile to upload a file on to its dashboard.

And you have to periodically clear the queue after it prompts you. The storage space is pretty impressive, but it can be hard to file the files unless you have someone monitoring the software and people using titling systems correctly. Robin from Franklin Energy. Company Size: 5,, employees.

Industry: Utilities. I use Cyberduck regularly to connect and upload documents and files to our numerous marketplaces. It's intuitive and easy to use. I've handed brief instructions to junior designers and they were able to connect and use Cyberduck with no trouble. I enjoy using Cyberduck while using BigCommerce to upload files and documents easily or our numerous marketplaces. It's intuitive and connects quickly and easily without any issues.

There isn't anything I'd really say I like the least about Cyberduck. Andrew from Blue Ridge Community Church. We got Cyberduck around 10 years ago and used it for many many years to connect to an FTP server we used for hosting our podcast. It was simple to setup, easy to use and the cost was little to nothing. I love the cost! At the time we got it, if I recall we got it for free or for very little, maybe close to 10 years ago.

It is super easy to setup FTP servers and managing and moving your data is as easy as drag and drop. For the purposes of how we used it, I never really had any complaints about it. It just functioned well. Cyberduck helped me to upload files to remote servers with a pretty interface.

What I most like about Cyberduck is the ease of use, the compatibility with macOS and the integration with cloud storages like S3 and Google Drive. What I like least about Cyberduck is the configuration necessary for using private keys to connect to remote servers, it was a little difficult to me. Gabrielle from Cato institute. Industry: Think Tanks. I like cyberduck in order to house a large amount of large files. Cyberduck allows us to turn all of those large files in to CDN links that can be entered to the back end of our website.

These cdn links can be podcast files, audiobook files, and pdf files. It is a great tool to turn any of those files types in to a link that can be added to any website. You can also send the cyberduck-created cdn links via email!

Once you put many files in to cyberduck, if you do not have someone monitoring and creating a nomenclature system it can be difficult to go back and find what you may be looking for. I would suggest creating many tabs and keeping a nomenclature system consistent throughout your usage of cyberduck or you will not be able to go back and find a file. I use this almost exclusively for my online FTP needs. Great product and I love that people can try for free.

I love how intuitive the interface is. Very simple to log in to my FTP and upload, save, download etc. I think the navigation could be a little cleaner. Sometimes I find myself looking around for the right item. However this is a tough thing to improve upon with the complexities of FTP in general. Overall no complaints. Nick from Think Four Design. Industry: Graphic Design. I've been using Cyberduck for years. It's a solid program, that always works, and it works well.

I don't like the design of this program very much. Which is why from time to time I try new FTP clients until they stop working. Erika from World Book, Inc. Industry: E-Learning. I like that it is simple to upload and download files into the file structure that we have set up. I regularly have issues with logging in with my keychain password. And often times I will not have valid permissions to use this program and have to go through my settings with one of our dev ops engineers - it's so frequent, in fact, that all I have to say is I'm having the "Ducky problem again" and he knows immediately what it is.

It is very frustrating when all I want to do is update the files on my website. Tobias from Media Production. This little tool does what it should. The surface is very simple and beautiful. A connection to the server is quickly set up. Multiple bookmarks can be created. Cancel Download. Are you sure you want to copy this resource bag to your iRODS user zone? Cancel Copy. If the externally linked content is large, access may take time. Cancel Redirect. Close Confirm.

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