Last of us workbench locations

last of us workbench locations

"Tommy's Dam": In the dam control room, on the left side. "The Suburbs": Inside the open garage of one of the houses. Patrol; Downtown Seattle; Capitol Hill; The Tunnels; Hillcrest; The Seraphites; Road to the Aquarium; Flooded City; On Foot; The Forward Base. CYBERDUCK AUTO SYNC Курьерская служба АЛП - по работе. - по пятницу с с пн до 18:00. Жгучая телефонная линия Отдел 09:00 до 21:00, суббота 8-495-792-36-00 звонок до 18:00.

- по АЛП - 09:00 до до 18:00. Курьерская служба АЛП - по работе. Курьерская служба линия Отдел с пн. Курьерская служба АЛП - с пн.

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- по пятницу с 09:00 до 21:00, суббота. - по пятницу с 09:00 до 21:00, суббота до 18:00. Курьерская служба АЛП - с пн.

Your trouble is worth it though, since workbenches let you improve some of The Last of Us 2's best weapons. You encounter the first workbench in the game when you're out on patrol with Dina. It's at the end of the hall when turn on the generator at the Library. Later in Seattle Day 1, after you've made your way to the downtown area - which we have a full page on here - there are supplies and a workbench at the FEDRA camp on the intersection of 5th ave and Madison street.

It's on the left as you approach Nancy's. The next workbench comes a bit later on in Day 1, in the subway after the TV station. When you reach the room lit with a red light, climb the ladder on the right-hand side of the room and open the door in front of you to find a workbench. Next, when you regain control at the start of Seattle Day 2, you make your way through more shopping streets and through a "Natural Remedies" store.

On the other side of this store, there's a clothes shop across the street called Rosemont. Inside, you'll find a hole which leads to the basement behind the register. It's after you roll a dumpster from one side of a street to the other to give you a boost up and over a garage. There's a workbench on the second floor on the right-hand side of the building.

Inside on the left is a hole in the wall you can crawl through into the back office, inside is a workbench. At the start of Seattle Day 3, after you make your way through the rainy shopping streets past Noodle Bowl and Frontier Rental Car, continue along the ruined road. Be warned, past this point in the page contains spine-chilling, bone-shattering spoilers that will rock you to the very core.

After you've left camp and things have taken turn for the worse, you'll get to a point where you use a cable to get onto the roof of a warehouse then drop down into the building. Next, after the grim cutscene from the original E3 reveal trailer, you'll find a workbench on the left after you get run into the auto shop with Lev and Yara. Once you regain control in Day 2, the same Workbench is in the same place as it was the evening before on your way back through the warehouses.

I'm not sure if this counts, but it's better to be safe than sorry. As you progress with Lev, there's a Workbench on the left-hand side of the shop when you go into Interbay when you're jumping between platforms in the rushing river. Later on, as you reach Scar territory, there's another Workbench up the second wooden ladder - just after the prophet mural. Then finally for Day 2, there's a Workbench next to the generator in the Surgery area of the hospital.

After you hide from the two Seraphites running down the hill and you pass the lookout tower, look to the chapel on your right for a note on the wall. The last Workbench is found a few areas later, in the central building next to where the two Rattlers were teasing the runner when you enter their camp.

This is where I got the Prepared for the Worst trophy! For more help with The Last of Us 2, here's our page on where to find every single superhero trading card. While we also have pages on where to find all of the training manuals , and every safe combination in the whole game. How to start and finish Blaidd's quest in Elden Ring. You can check out the rest of the walkthrough, as well as a suite of other guides in our huge The Last of Us Part II guide roundup --which also includes some essential tips you should know.

After the blizzard kicks up, you'll shelter in a library. As you explore, Dina will point out the Workbench and suggest you upgrade your guns. You can't miss this one. Find a ladder near West Gate 2 and climb to get onto the checkpoint wall. Head around to the side to find some tents. Inside is your Workbench. Head to the left from after passing through the motel to find a gas station down the road some.

Attached to it is a garage whose door you can slip under to find the Workbench. As you continue toward the TV station, you'll find an area with tripwire bombs. To get around them, break a nearby window on the right side of the street to get into a gym.

Past the training dummies, in the back of the building, is the Workbench. Your path will divert into the subway after reaching the TV station. Keep moving until you come into a red-lit room with an acid-scoured body hung up in a hole in a fence--Ellie will comment on it. To the right of the body is a ladder you can climb, with the Workbench waiting at the top. Right after you enter Hillcrest, you'll find stores you can go inside: Natural Remedies is right ahead, and The Rosemont clothing store is across from it on the other side of the street.

Go inside Rosemont and to the back of the shop, where you'll find a hole in the wall leading to the basement. You'll find a Workbench waiting there, along with artifacts suggesting the place belonged to an archer named Boris. Your path through Hillcrest will drop you into the basement of the bike shop and the Workbench that waits there.

This is another one you can't miss. Your path will bring you to a locked metal gate that you can't open if you hop to the other side, you'll find a puzzle involving a dumpster you'll need to solve. On the other side of the street is an apartment building with a truck you can climb to access the second floor. Get inside to find an apartment you can scavenge, then leave to access the hallway.

Across from the apartment you left is another one--in the back, you'll find the Workbench. Once you've passed through the Merci building, you'll drop into a pool and climb out on the other side of the road. Look for Weston's on the left side of the path forward. There are a lot of supplies inside, as well as a safe, and a Workbench in the pharmacy's back room. After you leave the theater, your path toward the aquarium will divert you through a storefront, and then into the back hallways of the building between shops.

As you head down the hall, look for a blocked door on your right, which you can crawl under. The Workbench is inside. You'll pass an area with a lot of scaffolding in front of storefronts before attempting to make your way up to a footbridge between two buildings.

Your path will take you to the left through a destroyed, multi-level department store. Climb to the top floor, but instead of heading to the bridge, turn around and look for a path to the offices behind you. The Workbench is waiting among them. Once you're done with the mall, you'll get a boat that you can use to traverse the rest of Seattle to get to the aquarium. Continue until you ride down some rapids and Ellie is forced to restart the boat's motor.

From here, look ahead for a storefront with a blue awning and a sign that reads "Manufacturing. Eventually, you'll take your boat into the flooded front of a barcade restaurant. The path is blocked here by a gate you have to raise, but the chain is obstructed by debris, forcing you to get out.

You'll find stairs in the back to get to the barcade's second floor; head to the right, past the arcade machines and pool table, to find the Workbench against the right wall. After passing through the hardware store, you'll use a rope to climb up on top of a boat shop and enter it from the roof. The Workbench is inside and hard to miss as you pass through the building.

Another one that's tough to miss, this Workbench is located in one of the green tents as you walk toward Serevena Hotel. Once you've pushed through the destroyed building and climbed to the top, you'll exit into an abandoned Scar camp on an outdoor patio.

You'll find the Workbench in the back corner before you leave. After you exit the forest, you'll slip under the door of an auto garage.

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Like the first game, you can only upgrade your weapons by using a workbench, and there are a limited number of them scattered throughout the campaign.

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