Mermaid movies full movies splashtop

mermaid movies full movies splashtop

Buy Body Glove Mermaid Linden Mermaid Tail, Parrotfish, Small (M, Body Glove Junior Splash Top Swimming Diving Snorkel for Youth (Yellow). Get the latest news, photos, videos, and more on Movie:the Little Mermaid Ratings: Little Mermaid Makes a Splash, Top-Rated Live Musical Since Grease. Jason, Adam and Usually Dave will entertain whole probably making complete fools a guy living in an airport terminal, how time travel is done in movies. MYSQL WORKBENCH EXPORT AS CSV - по АЛП - с пн до 18:00. Жгучая телефонная АЛП - по работе. Жгучая телефонная АЛП - с пн.

With a beefier lead-in, Emergence 3. And… it is again pre-empted next week, by a Dolly Parton special. NBC The Voice 8. Want scoop on any of the above shows? Email InsideLine tvline. Sign up for TVLine's Newsletter. For the latest news, follow us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram. The Hollywood actors starred in Pulp Fiction in The producer has spoken out following the on-stage incident. The actor made the comment while he was promoting the 'Sonic' sequel. The ceremony 'honours' the worst in cinema.

Looking for something to watch this weekend? We've got you covered. Slow Horses might not reinvent the wheel, but it does give audiences a genuinely great actor breathing life into a unique literary creation.

Hollywood megastar Cruise has only made one previous appearance at the world-renowned festival, 30 years ago in Is John Cena A Peacemaker? Many sources are reporting that John Cena is getting close to signing on with Warner Bros. Suicide Squad 2 which has wrestling fans across the country rejoicing. Maybe he can take up the vacancy created by Will Smith as scheduling conflicts now have Idris Elba taking the role of Deadshot.

First, what appears to be a removable protector film on the Fold is actually part of the screen itself. If you remove this film the screen will fail. There are also reports of the screen breaking within a day of use just opening and closing normally. Willow A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen. A powerful live performance combined with a good number of concerts organized at that time helped to quickly gain a visibility along with a fan base.

Episode Interview with Barry Leitch. The guys sit down with famed game music composer Barry Leitch and discuss his body of work and have a great time just hanging out. This week the guys discuss the rise and fall of the Alliance of American Football, Microsoft finally relenting on the forced Windows 10 updates, Mike Tyson still angry with Nintendo, the death of Blu-Ray technology and much more!

Even after the bailout by billionaire Tom Dundon the league still had no money. When the players where told last tuesday the league had folded their paychecks went unpaid, they had to pay for their own hotel rooms and travel home.

Lets hope the rebirth of the XFL can fair better. No More Forced Windows 10 Updates! No longer will your perfectly working Windows 10 PC auto update to the latest version that completely borks your system. Now you can wait for the bugs to be completely worked out before upgrading. Everyone remembers trying to beat Mike Tyson at the end of Punch Out and it not going so well. It didn't go so well for Mike either, after his contract expired with Nintendo they re-issues the game without his name and likeness and replaced him with a white boxer named Mr.

And Mike still isn't over it! James famously moved out to California to get into the entertainment business and started playing with the Los Angeles Lakers. Landing the Space Jam sequel is a huge opportunity, but apparently some of the bigger NBA stars don't feel that way. Samsung Is Killing Blu-Ray!

Even though 4K streaming does not match the quality of a 4K Blu-Ray most consumers do not care, as the number of streaming subscribers prove. With Samsung not showing off any new Blu-Ray players again this year the last one they released was they have now officially announced they have left the Blu-Ray player market.

Episode Stadia Majora. This week the guys discuss the new Stadia gaming streaming service from Google, then veer way off course for a bit to reminisce about movies in Adam played an April Fools joke on Jason and hacked into his computer and set his audio quality to AM radio!

Google Stadia Chat Google is entering the streaming gaming scene is a big way. After ditching AtGames Sega decided to bring out the classic console themselves and it is looking very good. Hopefully the can avoid the disaster the Playstation Classic was. Mark Hamill Is Chucky! The remake of the original is coming along nicely and now has a huge addition to the cast.

After what he did for the Joker we can't wait to see how Chucky sounds! Their most recent single "Equilibrium" was released on June 29th and the band is currently working on further new material for a third album to be released in This week the guys debate the merits of AI generated landscape photography, Dave loses his mind on an impossible burger, we dream the dream of flying motorcycles, then review Warcraft. Zug zug! Check out this website that generates an image of someone who doesn't actually exist don't forget to refresh page for different images.

Click the title for a great complilation video of all the jokes she has stolen over the years! Well you can send it to the guys at digitalSoup OR you can now preorder the jet powered motorcycle that just became available for preorder. Is this actually happening? A personal flying vehicle? Souper Reviews - Warcraft: The Beginning As an Orc horde invades the planet Azeroth using a magic portal, a few human heroes and dissenting Orcs must attempt to stop the true evil behind this war.

They are probably the best kept secret in rock and roll. Clawhammer has existed since and has released four albums of original material, one EP and one Ozzy tribute album. The boys sit down for a serious interview with one of the developers of the RetroPie project, gushing over how much they love the software. Jools hangs out for an hour or retro gaming talk and shares the history and future of the RetroPie Project.

As the website explains "RetroPie sits on top of a full OS, you can install it on an existing Raspbian, or start with the RetroPie image and add additional software later. It's up to you. Make sure you follow the offical RetroPieProject twitter account!

Episode Game On, Arrow Off. Season 2 of Cobra Kai drops and Adam starts drooling. And stick around for this week's Unsigned Music Spotlight! More Miyago-Do? More of one of the most iconic rivalries in all of cinema history? Of course you are. The result was a sound firmly rooted in rock, with alternative leanings and a punk sensibility. Check them out on their Facebook Webpage.

The guys rant about Apple Podcast's episode number snafu, they discuss the Thunderclap vulnerability, try to figure out the insane people behind the Momo Challenge, reminisce about a portable system none of them have, Apex becoming king of the Battle Royale and then get excited for the return of a great baseball movie! Dubbed 'Thunderclap', the vulnerability enables hackers to exploit the privileged direct-memory access DMA provided via the Thunderbolt connection to access the targeted device.

It gives them direct and unlimited access to a machine's memory because these ports come with low-level and very privileged direct memory access DMA , which supplies any malicious peripherals with much more privileges than regular USB devices.

Apex Legends breaking Fortnite … and Anthem? Especially with Anthem now out on shelves. The Momo Challenge!?!?!? A YouTube video of Peppa Pig going on a picnic with her family begins like any other episode of the popular kids show. But three minutes into the bright, chipper video, a distorted face with bulging eyes appears and a creepy robotic voice begins speaking.

It has been a slow death for the awesome system that was launched in but on March 2nd, production lines have officially stopped. Sony themselves quit producing games for the system back in and ceased all physical media games last year.

You're Killing Me Smalls They are not leaking any other info at the moment but lets hope we see the beast return! Oh the humanity, when will it ever end? Photographer Robert Kincaid wanders into the life of housewife Francesca Johnson, for four days in the s. They formed sometime in but the music of the band started well before that. Long-time friends, Adam and Mart began collaborating on songwriting many years ago. Sitting down with acoustic guitars, Adam quickly took up the mantle of lead vocals and lead guitar while Mart supplied backing and rhythm.

They worked hard on perfecting the melodies and harmonies before deciding they need to take it to the next level. This week there are only two of us, but we bring some good content! Check it! In a limited-time promotion to rid itself of a load of PS4 thumbsticks, Polish retailer X-Kom threw in a free copy of Fallout This week the guys are back in full force, bringing you news on Libre Office, Ad-Blocking, and some awesome sounding Sci-Fi-ish research that has been taking place by the government!

Libre Office 6. With Libre Office 6. For years Libre Office has been a very good alternative to Microsoft's expensive office suite but it's interface was ripped straight from Office Hate ads? Well don't block them if you use Spotify or you might find yourself with no access to your account. Good thing the networks couldn't monitor us changing channels during commercials in the 80s! Did You Know?

In a recent report it has been made known that from to the government researched everything from traversable wormholes and stargates to invisibility cloaks and psychic teleportation. Hint-Scientists at Northwestern University may be close to developing a real life version of every geeks desire… a working invisibility cloak.

The rumors have been flying lately about a smaller, completely portable version of the Switch possibly releasing this year. Since there hasn't been an official announcement yet we at digitalSoup want to break it down and discuss if we even need a completely portable Switch.

To date, they've released 8 full-length albums and played dozens of shows around the East Coast. Episode The Gonna Geek Invasion. With Jason and Adam away Dave and Chris decide to play. Apple lays the smackdown on Facebook and Google, Dave talks about how he thinks Steve Buscemi is way hotter than Jennifer Lawrence, Epic takes on Steam and what is going on in Canada with the keyfobs? Instagram off of the iOS platform all together.

Not to overlook the fact that Facebook was actively tracking teens for some unspecified research. The DeepFake tech is getting really good and really easy to accomplish by anyone. What impact do we think this will have going forward? Now, with another exclusive title getting yanked from Steam it seems the gloves are finally coming off. Metro Exodus was previously listed for pre-order on Steam. Competition is usually a good thing, but is this battle going to leave PC gamers crushed as nothing more than collateral damage in the end?

In a town called Carstairs in Alberta, there is a major mystery taking place as the town of around people seem to have a car killing grocery store. No one knows what is causing the problems at the Westview Co-Op grocery store, but now the Canadian Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development are involved and hoping to solve this mystery.

Bring On The Night formed in as an exercise in learning to re-kindle their love for making music and pushing themselves into writing for genres outside their comfort zone. Full disclosure - while not perfect we actually are enjoying our time in Fallout 76 thank you very much. Souper Reviews - "The Italian Job" After being betrayed and left for dead in Italy, Charlie Croker and his team plan an elaborate gold heist against their former ally.

Charlie Croker Charlize Theron Stella Bridger Donald Sutherland John Bridger Jason Statham Handsome Rob Seth Green Lyle Yasiin Bey The band was geographically separated for more than a year after the release since different members had to pursue different interests but we are once again living in Stockholm and are working on a new album. Check them out at Facebook Webpage. Episode Bablio And Black Field. Can you believe cassette sales actually grew in ?! Will Mario Kart Tour finally get released?

For the fourth year in a row, the best-selling cassette tape in the U. Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. Could be after Het as Dave would call him because they are close called Lars our for playing the wrong tempo! I can't wait for The Jack Black Album!! Remember back in January when Nintendo tweeted that Mario Kart for mobile was coming in March ?

We forgot too but Lad Bible didn't and even posted the original tweet from Nintendo in the article. While Nintendo has been hush on this we still have to believe it is coming and the date is almost upon us! We are two weeks away from the debut season of the AAF and couldn't be more excited. The Leeds based five-piece use rhythms and melodies to create backdrops onto which lyrics paint stark portraits, drawing you into their own gritty reality.

Wow, a lot of conversation in this show! The guys discuss the merits of a potentially amazing new photo technology, then talk about if your doorbell camera is spying on you, followed by a tremendous rant about burgers! Launched via kickstarter and become wildly successful, this little device uses AI to help you do everything needed to make perfect photos every time. But, is that really a good thing? Best of C. Impossible Foods, the maker of the so-called "bleeding" plant-based Impossible Burger, unveiled a new version of the "beef" product Monday at CES With the soft bun, tangy sauce, zesty crunch of barely-there raw onion and refreshing crisp of lettuce and tomato.

Combined with the juicy, chewy patty, it tasted amazing because it tasted like a real burger. Bungie says they will retain the popular Destiny franchise and claim to have some exciting announcements coming as their employees popped champagne at the announcement.

Meanwhile Activision seems to be spiraling with a future leaving many wondering just what else they may have left in the tank. The Atari VCS has raised over three million dollars on IndieGoGo but we still don't know anything about it's games or an exact release date. That is a lot of money for so much uncertainty. Bird Box A Mini Souper Review! The guys decide to dive into their thoughts on the movie that has created thousands of memes and stupid challenges.

Also check out the Bird Box Toy! From raging foot stomping beats to epic drama, they sweep audiences along with them on a musical journey. Episode You Need Some Soldering. We are a trio once again! Even after insisting his consoles were fully licensed and legit they have been yanked from the shelves. I guess Nintendo told Soulja to "crank this! Don't Be Mad But Ray Sawyer, Singer Of Dr. Hook moniker. No cause of death was announced. Episode Marvel and A. Dave and Adam had so much fun last week that they decided they don't need Jason anymore and gave him the night off!

The start off talking about Disney going full Marvel then talking about toys spoiling the plots of Marvel movies. Then Adam removes a rocket from his picture using AI then Dave gushes all over the Little Mermaid and how it is so much better than the new Aladdin. Oh and they both talk about cookies for another hour! It seems that once again, a leaked toy may be an indicator for potential spoilers in a major motion picture.

This time with Avengers : Endgame. This is normally a pretty tedious process in photoshop, but a free online tool from Remove. Jason is outraged! Their debut album just dropped June 22nd. In a violent, futuristic city where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, a cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO.

Serve it up! Dredd Watch the original trailer here! Amazon Everywhere? Last Thursday Amazon held an event to unveil a whole bunch of new gadgets powered by our favorite virtual assistant. Check them out at their Facebook Page. This week the guys discover a pill that will let Adam eat Big Macs, the Playstation Classic receives less than stellar reviews, a couple great Captain Marvel stories, predators are on TikTok and then a battle of Books vs. In tests with rodents it has allowed them to gorge themselves on fatty foods and never gain weight.

The reason has to do with how this gene allows that food to be transformed to brown fat instead of white fat, meaning it gets burned up as heat rather than being stored around your midsection. After being one of the most outspoken proponents of the new classic gaming system from Sony, Jason has now decided that the PSClassic is actually a steaming pile of hot mess, cancelled his order, and purchased 15 new retropies instead!

We saw Nick Fury baby talking a cat for crying out loud! In a recent Forbes article, they make the case that Captain Marvel is being set up to fail. Truthfully they make a valid point. These days the only thing that seems to matter in terms of if a movie is good or bad is the box office numbers. More specifically how they perform in relation to expectations. TikTok Has A Major Safety Problem For Kids In yet another case of a super popular app with kids, it seems that the popular TikTok app is a dangerous place due to a large segment of the app that is nothing but hub for perverts trying to solicit nude images from underage kids.

Stay vigilant parents. His major style influences are old school hip hop, reggae and aoul music and he creates reality rap with his lyrics. Check him out at Facebook Webpage. This week we discover a great looking retro gaming loot box service, tackle the Marriott data breach, and then talk about the fall of Daredevil while Captain America may be rising from the ashes. Retro Game Treasure Here is another company doing a loot box, but with a retro twist. Another Massive Data Breach Potentially Impacting Million People This time is massive hotel chain Marriott suffering a massive data breach putting up to million of their customers data at risk.

Seems this was all caused by a merger of computer systems and subsequent glitches between Marriott and Starwood, whom Marriott purchased in Um, glitches. All that is left standing are Jessica Jones and The Punisher… but for how long? Seemed like this was it, for real this time. Not like the other times he said goodbye until he re-negotiated his contract. This time it was for real.

But pump the dang brakes here… Joe Russo, Director of Avengers 5, has now hinted that Chris Evans may not be hanging up the shield after all… Meanwhile, Avengers fans starving for news, even the tiniest tidbits of information, lose their collective minds on the internet. The band racked up an extensive amount of gigs over the next 18 months including several festivals slots and supports with Black Balled ft. Marshall Gill from New Model Army. Their music is totally and utterly from their hearts, knowing the importance of music to their lives.

Check them out at their Facebook Webpage. The guys talk about the downfalls of social media, an awesome new solid-state propulsion plane, the finer points of talking CGI animals, and more! As the article says, the Ivy League brought us these platforms and now they may be working to bring them down.

A new peer-to-peer service called Napster was just released and it has made it easier than ever to download all the music you want. Is it legal? The jury is still out on that but It is so amazing, you can download a song on your 56k modem in about 12 minutes! What do you think? In a move that has some eager with anticipation and others shaking their heads and asking why, The Lion King gets an all new CG reboot and the first teaser trailer has dropped.

Adam and Dave do a quick show since we were not able to all get together for a regular show. Thanks guys for the "digitalSoup Quickie! The first track from his first studio album "Cat Basement Room" brings together his unique sound along with deep prose.

Fans have described his sound as a mix of Yanni and Lil' Bow Wow. What if the guys had a failing radio show in ? Then it's discount madlibs time, followed by announcing the winner to our 8bitdo contest! The Melissa Virus was an e-mail virus first released on March 26, The virus spread so rapidly that e-mail systems were overloaded by the virus propagating itself and is the fastest spreading virus to date.

Have You Heard Of Napster? Now is the time to prepare for the Y2K bug programs used by most banks, nuclear power supplies etc, only use two digits for the year! Pull your money out of the banks, move away from power plants and build an underground bunker for when the nuclear missiles go off!

Going against prototypical nuances from other punk bands, With Liberty brings in an eclectic blend of different genres, styles, and riffs to produce a unique and entertaining contribution to the modern punk rock world. It's all about having fun while having something to say. The pledge. The turn. The prestige. Two rival stage magicians go head to head resulting in strange and tragic results. The Prestige Trailer Watch the original trailer here! This week, the 3 amigos rail against the upcoming Facebook Portal, then they talk about a bunch of other stuff, including a very expensive Sega Genesis and AI digitized faces.

They cap the episode with great free channels from Roku, then battle it out between a ninja beaver and a mad scientist! Facebook Portal Facebook is trying to jump into the video chat game, but by all accounts this thing appears to be DOA. Not to mention some concern about data that Facebook is collecting via the portal because… well… Facebook. Luck added that the league will also not reuse any of the logos or team names from its initial iteration. They just announced the Mega Sg, a re-creation of the original Sega Genesis hardware, up-scaled to p.

This is not a retro system with build in games like the NES Classic, this is an actual Sega Genesis system with perfectly replicated sound and up-scaled graphics! The results, a bit creepy. This week the guys give an update on the October Windows 10 update, Link gets a bunch of gear from the get-go, Batman is exposed, and another epic battle between two ourtrageous foes.

Windows 10 October Update no longer deletes your data Microsoft has fixed the file deleting update and is now testing it with insiders before rolling it out to the world. Posting to their Windows blog Microsoft explained "We have fully investigated all reports of data loss, identified and fixed all known issues in the update, and conducted internal validation.

Also, Microsoft Support and our retail stores customer service personnel are available at no charge to help customers. They also snuck in a special edition of The Legend of Zelda! This is a "souped-up" version of the game that makes it a lot easier to get going.

You start with loads of rupees and items, and you begin with all equipment, including the White Sword, Magical Shield, the Blue Ring and the Power Bracelet. What are you?!?!? I am BatPenis! Last month DC released issue number one of Batman: Damned and is now regretting including a panel of Bruce Wayne going the Full Monty, showing his penis and bare behind, after he finds himself suffering from amnesia and having to be scanned by the Batcomputer in the nude.

On this episode, Dave and Adam handle the podcast, diving into Windows 10 issues, MoviePass problems, and then they talk movies and shows! Trailer Madness! Then a Spartan battles it out with the Marshmallow Man! Sony is finally enabling cross-play for Fortnite. Sony now says it is enabling cross-play for Fortnite fans. Tips for getting the most out of your favorite Google Apps In a recent post from the Google Blog, they shared a whole bunch of cool tips to enhance your experience with your favorite apps.

From easy ways to find cover versions of your favorite songs to helping you remember where you parked there are some really clever things hidden in plain sight that many might not know about. But never fear, they are not ending Star Wars, just slowing down the pace. Meanwhile the X-Men look poised to finally officially enter the MCU as current head Kevin Feige has been put in charge of the incoming Marvel properties.

Discussion points- What would we like to see from the Star Wars Universe moving forward? What stories do we want more of or less of? The Almost Avengers Check out this fun list of our favorite characters in the MCU as we know it that were almost very different due to competition for casting the roles!

Check them out at their Official Webpage. Merry Christmas from digitalSoup. Nick is a Senior Software Engineer at Justia. The 15 Greatest Unconventional Christmas Movies Here are 15 unconventional Christmas movies that are seasonably appropriate but deliciously askew. The 40 Best Christmas Movies of All Time Here's a collection of reverent holiday fare that have brought joy for generations, plus some picks that skewer the traditions either through irony or, say, murderous Clauses.

Their fresh take on neo-psych music combines velvety guitar tones similar to War On Drugs, with dancy influences from the likes of Foals and Tame Impala. Tis the season to buy that one you love a truly geeky gift and boy to we have some suggestions. Then we talk about things consoles and cover a story about porch pirates getting the just Amazon rewards! PLUS Ramen, do you love it or hate it?

Let's check out some of these classic systems, what they cost at launch and what that equals out to in dollars. Using GPS trackers and doorbells cameras provided by Amazon, police are able to track and apprehend would-be thieves. The operation appears to have found some success. Study Shows Constant Smartphone Vigilance Causing Issues A new study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking has found that being constantly online and on your phone can make you feel worse.

Researchers found that checking your phone decreased mindfulness and caused people to be preoccupied and more distracted. This week the guys discuss the latest Apple offerings, the Switch and NES classic titles, then have a listener-submitted battle between a Ninja Beaver and a Karate Monkey! From multiple new phones to an FDA approved update to the series 4 Apple watch, there were a lot of big announcements at the Apple iPhone event, but is it just the same story?

Apple dissing movie owners? Apple claims iTunes is just a storefront and this is not their fault, but the blame is on the movie studios no longer making the movies available. Jason was hard on Nintendo for shutting down ROM sites that were keeping classic gaming alive, maybe this is why. With the announced pricing and launch date of the online service for the Switch, Nintendo also announced their back catalog of NES Classics and wireless NES controllers to play them on the Switch.

Best news? Some of the NES Classic titles will include online play! Check them out at their Official Website. Episode The digitalSoup Centennial Episode. The guys look back at the first 99 episodes, remembering some of their favorite segments and bits.

Sprinkled in are messages from our listeners and then we bring the conclusion to our epic Super Fights battle. This week the guys discuss scary things seen on security cameras, a drivable Lego Bugatti, movies, and an awesome digitalSoup Quiz Show: Name that Song - Cowbell Edition! Check it out! Security Camera footage to send chills down your spine. In a Texas neighborhood, owners of home security cameras were left with quite a chilling mystery as a barefoot woman with what appears to be security restraints hanging from her wrists rings doorbells and then disappears.

Authorities are investigating and no one knows if this is an elaborate hoax or truly a woman trying to escape her captor, but no leads have turned up as of yet. What would you do if you saw that footage on your security cameras? Not a lot is known at this time but Snipes recently revealed that his team has had conversations with the brass at Marvel about bringing back the Blade character.

That means even the motor is all lego. XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck makes the pitch to not allow competitive leagues to offer multi-year contracts that may have restrictions and or non-compete clauses that could severely limit the players ability to play for other leagues, including the XFL. Their debut album "Remnants" was released back in Check them out at their official website. Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes in order to win her heart. Scott Pilgrim vs The World Watch the original trailer here!

Stick around! But this October gamers in the US will be able to get their hands on this hardware without importing. Photoshop Users, Update now to avoid getting hacked. The good news is that Adobe has released updates to fix the issue, you just need to update now. Lenovo is betting their tablet will still be successful in a declining market. What do we know about Lenovo tablets? What does the future of the tablet market look like with bigger phones now beginning to dominate?

More Microsoft Subscription News! This time for the XBox?! Timing is everything and just after the big Windows Subscription fiasco it appears that Microsoft is looking to sell you bundle that will include an XBox One console, XBox Live and GamePass all for a single monthly subscription.

Don't want to see those "ads" in Netflix? Then opt out my brother! With Netflix open in a browser you can't do this in the apps , tap the tribar options button in the top left on mobile or click your profile picture in the top right on a computer and then choose Account.

On the Account page, scroll down to the Settings section and select Test Participation. Toggle it Off and then click or tap Done. Adam attempts to scare the underwear off of Jason and Usually Dave in a hilariously spooky special episode. Episode Ope There It Is. This week the guys talk about the new Discord game store, the downfall of ROM sites, Spotify, and is the blue light from your phone making you go blind? Discord New Game Store Takes On Steam Last Thursday, the company launched the beta of its digital game store, which will carry a curated selection of new and popular hit titles.

The store will be first available as a beta to about 50, Canadian players, but Discord plans on rolling it out widely to users later this year. Unlike Steam, the new store will offer a tighter selection of PC games. Nintendo's attack on ROM sites is gaining some ground. Because of this EmuParadise per-emptively pulled all ROMs off their site in fear of having Nintendo's focus aimed towards them.

Is Your Phone Making You blind? New studies seem to be showing a link between the blue light from our screens and eye issues, including blindness. The deal is expected to close by the end of August. The End Is Nigh For MoviePass After a couple of outages because MoviePass ran out of money they are now going to try and raise prices and limit the viewing availability of blockbuster releases.

The History of MoviePass is an interesting one and you can definitely see where missteps were taken. Is your cloud backup strategy up to date? The downside, however, is Chrome will use even more RAM than it already does. Google v67 build of Chrome contains a feature called Site Isolation to combat Spectre attacks.

Site Isolation makes Spectre attacks less dangerous by using a separate renderer for each domain. Enforcing Site Isolation comes with a drawback, though. Using a separate renderer for every domain means more active renderers, and thus, more memory usage.

Update to Cloud Backup Storage Options Now that Carbonite has Crashplan for Home what are some of the best options out there for individuals to have secure cloud backup these days? Anchor vs. Google Lens What is this madness?

Copy and paste text from the real world? Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she discovers the island where her father disappeared. Tomb Raider Trailer Watch the original trailer here! This week the guys discuss a new processor, going into very scientific detail on how shrinking transistors help.

They then talk about zombies and talk about a ton of upcoming movie trailers, ending in a fight between a ship-captain werewolf and crazy cat ladies. His main hang-up with the sausage brand? The main point is that users will be able to buy up to 64 cores threads on a single packaged processor. This is not the same as the upcoming second-generation Zen processors, which are built on 12nm and expected to ship in a few months. Rome is probably not coming until This is going to be a direct competitor to Intel's Xeon line!

He is working with scientists to locate the first infected so they can create an antidote. Looks like fun. The Shudder network is looking to bring it back as an anthology style TV Series. It could possibly be added to the free bundle sometime in the future though.

This week the guys dive into an anatomy book After a fun Geek Off we talk about companies erasing and eliminating things, stick a fork in these topics because they are done! Ever want to know what makes up a superhero then you need to check this out! First full Trailer for "Castle Rock" and it looks Amazing! Castle Rock, Maine, has a lot to offer a Stephen King fan: a masked creep, a vicious dog, a sinking car belonging to the Shawshank Department of Corrections and, best of all, an alligator out of nowhere.

Nvidia Taught an AI to Flawlessly Erase Watermarks From Photos Nvidia has developed an impressive deep learning technique capable of automatically removing noise and artifacts from photos. And yes, this technique does remove watermarks completely. Episode Goose-Busters. They also play a might game of Movie Quote Madness, and decide who to recast in some of their favorite films.

Who ya gonna call? Facebook had a privacy issue again. This time, there was a software bug that was active between May 29th and June 5th, which accidentally unblocked people who were previously blocked for around , users. The rise of the Smart Bandage According the an article on Engadget, researchers are working to refine a smart bandage that will monitor and treat chronic or slow healing wounds. A process which they hope will reduce amputations.

Polar Fitness App a huge security risk? Including active soldiers on active foreign military bases, potentially compromising extremely sensitive data. The actor, who originated the role of the suave intergalactic gambler in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, will return to the role for J. It will be an origin story for Carol Danvers Brie Larson , an air force pilot who gets embroiled in the middle of an intergalactic war between alien races the Kree and the Skrull and ends up gaining superpowers.

Jackson and Agent Phil Coulson Clark Gregg were on board, but how would Marvel be handling the looks of these characters? Through digital de-aging. Episode Ad-pocalypse and Lightsabers vs Vibranium. Martin has time to write lists of book recommendations but no time to finish his own book, but his lists are decent. The RAMpage attack seems to be hitting Android devices from forward and could potentially lead to more stolen information.

Is Spotify gearing up to become more than a music provider? By hiring a new Chief Content Officer with a background as a television and video executive, Spotify may be starting to show their hand in terms of some pretty wide media ambitions.

News came out that Podcasts were already on top of their goal list recently, but could they be looking to be a serious competitor in the media arena? Do they have sights set on Apple and iTunes domination? With a movie that never happened and a failed digital series, will the third time be a charm for the Master Chief? And that, in turn, is leading it to consider more drastic measures. The guys discuss ways for the new or returning college student to stay on top of things with technology!

Where can you legally stream some football? Is the Iron First 2 trailer worth the watch? Can Miley Cyrus and a T-Rex take on a burning marshmallow man riding a battle cat? All this and more on this episode of digitalSoup! Turns out it was a lot of fuss over nothing. Click-bait headlines win again. But it gets us thinking about the abundance of subscription based services now vs stand alone software.

Where do you stand on the subscription model? I wonder if they will make season 2 better than the first season? Harrison's death was confirmed by his son and co-star on the History channel show, Rick Harrison, who called his father his "hero". Hence, the company is adding autoplay video ads to the chat app. The rollout has started already, but as usual it may be a while before you see them.

Facebook Messenger started showing static ads last year, and now it's upping the ante. The app has been accused of bloat many times, and this will certainly not help alleviate people's fears about it turning into something that's not very streamlined. Accessible from a button inside the Instagram homescreen, as well as a standalone app, IGTV will spotlight popular videos from Instagram celebrities. Interesting idea, but where are the modern Mario games?

Episode Expo of Entertainment, Electronically. This week the guys break down all the announcements of E3 including listing the games they are most hyped about. Jason keeps interrupting everyone, Adam makes an inappropriate joke, Dave won't stop talking about Solid Snake and special guest Chris crashes the show with his own take on E3! Along with a flubbed launch, Microsoft has been without the support of a vaunted exclusive lineup unlike Sony and Nintendo.

So, it's encouraging to hear Phil Spencer announce five studio acquisitions. Nothing was actually shown on the game, just a hype video was played but what was revealed has all the Battletoads fans salivating! What we do know is it will have three player action, 4k hand-drawn 2. Plus Mario party leverages the ability to network switches and put multiple people on consoles.

Finally the announce fortnite and in less than 2 days have 2 million downloads. But despite no mention of Metroid I was excited by almost everything Nintendo showed off. Every title looks amazing and makes me wish I had every console so I could play them all! But the emphasis placed on No Lootboxes from many companies was a close runner up.

Soup is on! MIT scientists created a "psychopath" AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit A group of MIT scientists, according to Newsweek, exclusively fed an AI they created violent and gruesome content from an unnamed Reddit page before showing it a series of Rorschach inkblot tests. Needless to say, the AI which they named Norman only saw gruesome images of death and destruction instead of innocent images like butterflies and puppies.

Again have we learned nothing from the movies?!? Hands-on with Super Mario Galaxy at p on Nintendo's official Wii emulator Back in episode 52 we had talked about some Wii games coming out for the nVidia Shield in China and how strange it was for Nintendo to allow their first party games on a none Nintendo system.

Well not only is Super Mario Galaxy playing fantastic on a Chinese nVidia Shield but it is upgraded to p over the x the game originally was. Clerks 3? Canon Film Cameras? More teens on Facebook? Rick Grimes staying on Walking Dead? Dave escaping Granny? New music? Canon has ended sales for its last film camera Canon has announced that it is officially discontinuing the EOS-1v, its last film camera, as reported by PetaPixel.

Production of the EOS-1v — which was launched in — actually ceased back in , but Canon continued to sell the remaining stock. Nikon still sells two film cameras, the F6 and FM As reported by Slash Film after Clerks 2 hit theaters in , Kevin Smith was interested in making a third entry in the slacker comedy series.

But alas, it was not to be. Smith had a script ready to go, and a budget set, but what ultimately killed Clerks 3 was the disinterest of one of the lead actors. Teens are ditching Facebook A new study has confirmed what we've long expected: Facebook is no longer the most popular social media site among teens ages 13 to This just in!

From FBI Warnings to facial recognition the world is a scary place. Sony has some more bad news with the beginning of the end of the PS4 line. Foreign cyber actors have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and other networked devices worldwide. The actors used VPNFilter malware to target small office and home office routers.

The malware is able to perform multiple functions, including possible information collection, device exploitation, and blocking network traffic. Orlando Police Testing Amazon's Real-Time Facial Rekognition Tech companies are trying to sell police real-time facial recognition systems, which can track and identify people as they walk down the street.

As NPR reported two weeks ago, American police have generally held off, but there's new evidence that one police department — Orlando, Fla. In a written statement, the Orlando Police Department called the Amazon facial recognition system a "pilot program" and said it "will be used in accordance with current and applicable law. Speaking to investors, PlayStation boss John Kodera outlined the company's three-year roadmap and it seems console sales are not expected to be a major source of revenue going forward.

This is largely due to declining sales which is, Kodera notes, typical of the usual profit- and life-cycle of consoles. It does also suggest a new console might be on its way -- likely the PS5 -- but Kodera didn't give away any specifics other than don't look for a new console before It also dropped PlayStation Now support from the console last year. Rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it's necessary to continue thinking of [portable gaming] as one method to deliver more gaming experiences and exploring what our customers want from portable," Kodera said on last Wednesday.

The first part of that sentence especially suggests that mobile gaming will related in some way to the next PlayStation console probably the PS5. Whether that portends a Nintendo Switch-style hybrid, a controller that has portable features or something else entirely is far from certain.

Instagram appears to be set to release a new feature that will tell you exactly how much time you spend on the app each day. On the surface it seems like a very pro-active tool to help people reign in their social media use, but is it possible they have other motivations? The suit notes that RAM prices fell from , when the three companies were independently acting to increase DRAM capacities, but then sharply rose beginning in as all three firms decided to restrict DRAM growth to stop downward price pressure and to lead to a price increase.

How many have you played? We now know when we'll get to hang with our favorite merciless assassin again. Song 2: The song that plays when you kill your first zombie. Song 3: When you're getting chased by a horde of zombies. Song 4: When you have to kill your partner. Song 5: When you meet a group of survivors. Song 6: When you meet your love interest. Song 7: The final stand! Song 8: When you think you've won. Song 9: When you discover you've been bitten. Song End credits. Henry is resurrected from death with no memory, and he must save his wife from a telekinetic warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers.

Adam and Usually Dave talk gaming, gift guides, photography, and what we listen to when focusing. Music can help you focus, right? The Forest Adam has purchased a new game. The big question here is whether Nintendo will be able to keep up with demand this time around, as the original release of the micro-console was very difficult to come by due to extremely limited stock.

Set to launch this summer the app will focus on gaming with friends, including a lot of trivia style games, and is NOT tied to any of the existing social media apps out there today. Do we need a social media for gamers? Cool Gear Alert! Also check out our Valentine's Gift Guide from back in Episode 6! Does Music Help You Focus?

According to a blog post on Northcentral University's website, music itself — just the notes, not including lyrics — can cause both the left and right sides of your brain to light up simultaneously, which "can maximize learning and improve memory," according to Dr.

Reddit's EarthPorn An awesome subreddit covering the best images of the earth With Adam being hospitalized and Jason transforming into Urban Legend to lay the Smackdown on one Stargate Pioneer, Usually Dave grabs a snack and waits for the fireworks! Oh yeah, they also have some great gaming talk, Luke Cage Season 2 and even some video game Hall of Fame inductees! This is one spicy soup! Samsung trying to crack into movie theaters? Showing off a giant 34 foot 4k display dubbed Onyx, Samsung looks to try to replace the standard projection screens in movie theaters with enormous 4k LED screens.

They also have a 46 foot 4k screen on slate for later this year to better compete with the larger projector screens. Utomik officially launched this last Thursday Back in episode we covered the game subscription service Utomik which was in beta.

Now after three years of beta the service finally launch this past Thursday Even though the first season met mixed response, this second season looks to have made the stakes even higher as a new Villain is shown physically kicking the snot out of our Hero.

Our most clickbait title yet! This week the guys discuss a new method Amazon has to securing their deliveries, Atari is getting ready to allow pre-orders for their mysterious system, John Wick may channel Kurt Russell and escape NY, a geek off on who played Batman best, and much more! Amazon has a new delivery method Being rolled out in limited markets, Amazon now has a service called Amazon Key In-Car, which allows your packages to be delivered to the trunk of your car rather than your front porch.

Spotify redesigns their mobile app With benefits for non paying members as well as paying members, Spotify continues to try to make their mobile streaming service the best it can be. Atari VCS pre-orders start May 30th, but it won't ship until Nearly a year after it was first revealed, retro gaming enthusiasts will finally be able to order the Atari VCS beginning May 30th via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

Oddly, it doesn't appear that either of these options will include a controller as the announcement reads "other packages will include the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller. The victim was a member of the High Table who ordered the open contract.

John uses the service industry to stay alive as he fights and kills his way out of New York City. Blending tech from your iOS or Android phone with a laser bullet in your handgun it lets you get in some shooting practice safely from the comfort of your own home.

He was In the future, they might use artificial muscles that work more like our own biological versions. Researchers from the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois have created a new artificial muscle design based on coiled carbon fiber and rubber.

This new league has an official debut date Feb. Now its improving on those designs with its second-generation Ryzen chips, which are a bit faster and more efficient. The big takeaway this year: AMD is in an even better place to compete with Intel. These marks included a 1,,point score for the arcade game Donkey Kong, as well as scores set between and Sega announces the Mega Drive Mini Sega is getting in on the nostalgic, miniature console trend.

The company also announced that it would be bringing a number of classic games to the Nintendo Switch this summer. A brash and arrogant podcaster gets more than he bargained for when he travels to Canada to interview a mysterious recluse Episode Indiana Joan and the Stranger Things. Amazon Kindle Fire devices now have hands free Alexa voice services. A no brainer by Amazon to further unlock the usefulness of their tablet line up. Its Wall Street debut has been closely followed in recent weeks as much for the unconventional approach to a public offering it chose as for the company itself.

Unlike traditional IPOs, Spotify did not raise new capital. Instead it simply listed existing shares directly on the stock exchange without relying on underwriters to attract investors, set a price and stabilize the stock as it begins trading. Indiana Jones or Indiana Joan? Steven Spielberg has recently mentioned that if the franchise is to continue after Harrison Ford's final run as Indy, that he would want a woman to take on the iconic role. Who are your candidates for actresses that would make a great Indy in the future?

Episode Entertainment Extravaganza. This week we have a special guest, Brother Tom! He joins us to talk about all sorts of pop culture entertainment!

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Os x server vnc client Discord New Game Store Takes On Steam Last Thursday, the company launched the beta of its digital game store, which will carry a curated selection of new and popular hit titles. Did You Know? Jason is outraged! The turn. Episode Souper Review "The Lobster". This week the guys do double duty on the Souper Reviews! Reddit's EarthPorn An awesome subreddit covering the best images of the earth

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