Vinyl workbench cover

vinyl workbench cover

When folded, they double as a carrying case for tools. Rectangular Vinyl Plastic. Vinyl Plastic Tray (Shown in. 1. Rubber Mat for Workbench Top. The protection of your workbench top is essential, so you should buy a good mat for protecting your workbench. Resilia Work Bench Mat - Inches X Inches, Black - Easy-to-Clean Scratch Resistant Vinyl - Garage Workbench or Table Storage. 72 X 24 WORKBENCH - по пятницу с по работе с Покупателями 8-495-792-36-00 звонок до 18:00. - по пятницу с 09:00 до 21:00, суббота с 9:00. - по пятницу с по работе 21:00, суббота 8-495-792-36-00 звонок платный Время работы:. - по пятницу с 09:00.

Made from a relatively soft, light material, it provides high levels of protection and stays looking great for years. The toughest, most durable surface protection option in our range is the Rhino Heavy Duty Workbench Mat. This is a great surface protection mat for automotive companies, packing suppliers, 3PL companies, or for virtually any industrial application where a premium workbench surface mat is required.

The Rhino range of green cutting mats is a sustainable, quality cutting mat collection aimed at the education , and, craft and textile sectors. Within all sectors, green cutting mats are ideal to be used as craft mats that will protect your surface and work tools.

Browse the full range of our green cutting mats here. Our Heavy Duty Surface Mats , available in large sizes from xmm to xmm 12' x 6' , with plenty of sizes in-between, and a custom cut size option too. Or for the largest cutting mat options, and for extra-long workbench protection mats, try SupaSeal Clear Surface Protection Mats , available in 5 widths 1 metre to 2.

Available in standard pre-cut lengths from 1 metre to 6 metres. Not only do our Heavy Duty and SupaSeal Bench mats provide great workbench protection, but they also protect your cutting tools from wear and damage. See our range of self-healing cutting mats for more information. Snap any combination of bin cups onto the liner to create a custom configuration for organizing small parts. Cut the liner to fit any size drawer. The cutting guide allows you to cut a straight edge with a utility knife.

Control static electricity on work surfaces— mats transfer static charges from the top of the surface to the ground. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number. Place either side of these mats against your work surface. They control static electricity on work surfaces by transferring the static charges from the top of the surface to the ground. Pads are marked with inch and centimeter grid lines to guide your cut.

Made of silicone, these trays bend to hug curves and cling to highly polished surfaces— keeping your tools right where you need them. In addition to holding parts and tools, use these trays at your workstation to clean dirty, oily parts such as roller chain. They won't degrade when exposed to oil and chemicals, yet are easy to clean.

Wash them with soap and water. Their vibrant orange color makes them stand out, so you can spot them across the shop; and the contrast with your tools makes it easy to find the right one. Magnetized to hold metal tools and parts, these trays can be used right-side up, sideways, and even upside down.

Vinyl plastic trays are flexible and thin enough to fit inside drawers. Foldable trays allow you to use a larger or smaller surface area, depending how much space you have. When folded, they double as a carrying case for tools. These sorbents have a coated underside to protect work surfaces from stains and harsh chemicals.

Polypropylene sorbents are wider than paper sorbents and have greater spill capacities. Use them to seamlessly cover and protect surfaces. Use rolls to protect large surfaces; trim them to the length that you need. Email Us From. We will reply to your message within two hours. Log in. Create login. For Top Width. For Top Depth.

Grid Markings. Surface Resistivity. For Use With. Number of Trays. Number of Compartments. Spill Capacity. Folded Length. View catalog pages 5.

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